ChaiOne Insights: user centered design

5 Stages of User-Centric Design Thinking

7 minutes read

What is user-centric design thinking?

Imagine trying to solve problems focusing on understanding people and their needs. That’s the basis of user-centric design thinking or UCD.

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The Value of Industrial Design Thinking & UX

5 minutes read

Everything gets designed - clothes, chairs, cars, buildings, pens. Designers have to understand user needs in order to design something, this is a fundamental design philosophy.

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There are more than 100 ways in which you can bias users’ responses

0 minute read


Response bias is a general term that refers to the various conditions and factors that can influence users’ responses to surveys or interviews. The bias can be intentional or accidental and can arise from the way individual questions are phrased, the way the questionnaire as a whole is designed, and how the questionnaire is administered. Most importantly, with biased responses, the users’ feedback becomes inaccurate and misleading. This, in turn, can lead to poor design, incorrect...

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Best Practices For User Experience Design

3 minutes read

The Importance of a User Centered Design

How do you feel when you use an Apple product? Most will say that they love using their iPhone, iPad, or whatever Apple device they have. Apple products are designed to be intuitive and create great experiences. According to the iOS 7 developer library, Apple’s latest operating system embodies a design with three themes: deference, clarity, and depth. These three themes focus on the user and helps us understand and interact with content. With all its...

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User Experience Research & User-Centered Design

16 minutes read

Investing in user experience (UX) by designing software through a user-centered design framework serves three primary functions:

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Why Assumptions Kill Your Product

3 minutes read

We see companies and startups spring up everyday proclaiming they have the newest and best solution for our daily needs. But do we really need it? Does this solve a pre-existing problem or create a new one?

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Delightful Customer Experience: A Game Changer for Utilities

6 minutes read

This blog post is based on an interview with Fabrice Buron, the Vice President of Sales & Marketing, at ChaiOne.

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6 Tips To Build A User-Centered Design Department At Your Company

3 minutes read

UX, UI and UCD are the buzzwords in the tech industry today. ChaiOne’s success and clientele list is a testament that this mentality and type of work is now permeating into enterprise software. Many enterprise companies are creating UCD departments responsible for sprinkling “UX” into the design of internally developed software. This is great, but it comes with challenges, often in the form of other departments and groups being resistant to change that limits the effectiveness of user-centered...

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Why do I need user research? Answers To Internal Objections

9 minutes read

Successful products are ones that provide great user experiences (UX). Companies that focus on UX succeed and companies that don’t fail. The top 10 most successful companies in the S&P index invest heavily in engineering a successful UX, while the 10 least successful companies do not. Popular opinion is that UX is essential to success; however, when discussing with potential stakeholders all the efforts involved in creating a stellar UX, some are surprised by the amount and type of work that...

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