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Voice of Customer

Enhance your product, SaaS, and services strategy with customer insights

In 2020, 86% of buyers said they would pay more for a better experience.

Do you know what a better experience means to your business and how to deliver it?

The most successful businesses are those who truly understand their customers, anticipate their needs, and exceed their expectations. That remains true whether businesses offer new features in their product, modernize and redesign their SaaS, or launch new services. All such decisions are most impactful and yield highest ROI when they are grounded in foundational Voice of Customer insights.

Examples of what our clients learned by listening to their customers

An emissions monitoring SaaS provider found an unfamiliar user persona across their accounts. This persona, who also significantly influences the purchasing process, expressed strong dissatisfaction with the current product.

An industrial steel manufacturer discovered that 50% of their existing customers were eager to buy steel online and launched a successful e-commerce platform to meet customer expectations.

Remote equipment monitoring and reliability services provider learned that their SaaS lacked functionality which caused customers to demand free extra support from the provider’s staff, costing $2M each year.

VOC-Recos Copy
Examples of evaluating customer experience across a task flow or value chain and identifying opportunities for better experiences

The value of Voice of Customer

Uncovering customer needs, expectations, and motivations enables SaaS, product, and service leaders to grow customer loyalty, maintain or expand market share, and grow revenue. Voice of Customer insights hold significant untapped value.

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5% of features are used 95% of the time. Rely on customer insights to build the right features.

Icon Time

One-quarter delay in time-to-market equals a loss of 50% of that product’s profit. Deliver what customers need without delay.

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Companies can monetize on loyal customers 2.4 times more. Build loyalty by anticipating customer needs.


Utilizing customer insights and human-centered design cuts development and testing costs by 33%.

Voice of Customer insights inform clear, actionable steps for enhancing or building new SaaS or products

Icon LightbulbKey insights

Summary of customer insights regarding current and desired customer experience with products or services, identifying key expectations, attitudes, unmet needs, and opportunities.




Icon MetricsCore metrics

Customer NPS, customer loyalty drivers, digital experience baseline metrics to level set stakeholders and track progress of all improvements




Icon VisionVisiontype

A tangible illustration of a key proposed solution or enhancement to the current SaaS that aligns with stakeholder objectives.




Icon Tech ArchTechnical assessment

An evaluation of the current technical landscape as it pertains to providing services, products, and key opportunity areas with recommendations that are focused on meeting customer needs.





Icon Recommendation-1Roadmap and next steps

Roadmap for implementing recommendations with milestones, resources, timelines, etc.





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