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GenAI Roadmap

Identify, design and build the right AI features for your product

Why focus on AI now?

Software development is expensive, especially when only 5% of features are used 95% of the time. With AI revolutionizing how businesses compete, delivering the right enhanced AI capabilities is of paramount importance.


Up to 60% of all organizations are already using AI to gain a competitive edge


By 2030, AI is projected to boost the US GDP by a notable 21%, underscoring its substantial contribution to economic growth

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Around 80% of customers who have interacted with AI software for customer service had a positive experience

Icon Customer Service

AI empowers businesses to deliver faster, more tailored customer service, fostering greater satisfaction and loyalty among customers


Example of a project deliverable - ChaiOne has worked on AI features for multiple clients

We will deliver the following:

Icon AI IdeaOpportunities for AI features

Identify where AI might streamline task flows, unlock efficiency, and enhance user experiences

Ai Features -Opps

Icon VisionVisiontype

A tangible illustration of the proposed AI feature(s) to enhance customer experiences


Icon Tech ArchTechnical architecture

Technical architecture and specifications illustrating how to bring AI into your digital product including specifying development libraries, plug ins, data flows, etc.

GenAI WYG 3-3

Icon Recommendation-1Recommendations + next steps

Recommendations and roadmap for implementing them, including milestones, resources, timelines, etc.


Ready to learn how we can help you identify the right AI features to build into your product?