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GenAI-driven Insights

Tap into the power of Generative AI to accelerate your product forward

Drive your product forward with insights supported by GenAI

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Extract hidden opportunities to inform your product backlog

Uncover commonalities across diverse use cases and personas

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Discover complex patterns that provide competitive edge across large volumes of data

Unprecedented productivity and insight gains

Generative AI provides unparalleled means for rapidly extracting insights about attitudes, opinions, and behaviors of your product and services customers.

By tapping into call center records, support tickets, analytics, market and other research reports, survey data, product roadmaps, and other data sources, product teams can develop a holistic, deeper understanding of customer needs, expectations, and opportunities to advance competitive edge.


Up to 60% of all organizations are already using AI to gain a competitive edge

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GenAI brings 112% improvement to productivity when employees search for information

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AI empowers businesses to deliver faster, more tailored customer service, fostering greater satisfaction and loyalty among customers

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Exceeding customer expectations grows loyalty and companies can monetize on loyal customers 2.4 times more

We will deliver the following:

AI-engine-icon-02GenAI Insights engine

GenAI-driven engine that searches through your proprietary data and summarizes insights for hidden opportunities, unmet needs, known attitudes, pain points, etc.

GenAI WYG 01

AI-prompt-iconPrompt library

Recommended prompts to be used by your product team to summarize vast sources of data and accelerate product roadmap development, feature formulation, and backlog growth


Icon Tech ArchTechnical architecture

Technical architecture illustrating how and where your proprietary data will be stored, accessed, updated while seamlessly integrating into your organization’s technical landscape

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Ways to engage with your data

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We can create a custom ChatGPT-style website for accessing your data

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Custom-built chatbots can be added to existing UI's

Icon Teams 

We can create an interface that integrates directly within your Teams instance

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Custom developed GPTs that provide focused access to your data

Ready to learn how GenAI-driven insights can accelerate your product development?



Hussain Abbasi
VP of Technology