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Expert Review

Discover quick wins to rapidly improve your user experience within weeks, not months.

Improving user experience has real business impact

Improving usability directly impacts user satisfaction.

Every $1 invested in UX design yields a return of $100 (ROI = 9,900 %).

Improving UX design to increase customer retention by just 5% can translate to a 25% rise in profit.

The value of expert reviews

Enhancing user experience doesn’t have to be costly or unattainable. Our Expert Review offers a solution by analyzing your product, identifying high-level issues, and proposing improvements—all with minimal effort and expense.


Get access to highly-experienced UX professionals


Improve accessibility and usability


Actionable results-fast


Cost-effective with high ROI


Uncover major UX issues and opportunities for improvement

A cost-effective Expert Review will uncover any major issues affecting the overall usability, accessibility, and user experience of your digital product. By evaluating your product against established usability, design, and UX principles, our UX experts identify existing issues and propose solutions to enhance your product and amplify user experience.


In two weeks, you will receive a current-state assessment of your product including

IssuesIssue identification

Our assessment provides a breakdown of issues discovered in your product and a detailed explanation of the consequences resulting from each issue. Each issue uncovered is assigned a level of severity – enabling effective prioritization of improvements.


SolutionsProposed solutions

With each issue, our UX experts provide a solution to resolve the problem. Each solution is designed to reduce friction and enhance user experience – based on established UX design principles.


PracticesBest practices

You’ll also receive examples of best practices in action to learn more about the proposed solutions and why they work. Leverage these familiar design patterns to provide users with an intuitive experience.


Advantages of Expert Review


Help reduce friction points, eliminate frustration, and streamline task completion.


Identify opportunities to improve the user experience to increase user retention.


Safeguard your product’s future with Iterative Design, allowing it to adapt as users’ needs change.

Add UX Benchmarking to know where you truly land

Benchmarking (2)

UX metrics guide the way

In addition to performing an Expert Review, we can also benchmark your current product against industry standards. UX metrics can drive ROI with minimal investment and highly impactful outcomes by predicting customer loyalty, adoption, and helping track the effectiveness of changes to your products.

Ready to learn more about how Expert Reviews and UX Benchmarking can help ignite your user experience?