We are experts in digital technologies

Founded in 2008, ChaiOne is an agency specializing in purpose-built applications and solving the world’s most complex business problems.

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At ChaiOne, we value people, innovation, and drive.


How do you actualize drive? By treating humans like humans.

  • Even though we aim to push boundaries, we take a calculated, scientific approach: act, evaluate, repeat.
  • We advocate education, providing our clients and employees resources to compliment and expedite their growth.
  • Sprinkle in a good sense of humor…

…and you’ve got a great recipe for creating something that’s not only measurable, but meaningful.

rocket-icon-2-at-2x Quick and nimble, with a business mindset.

Our unique, cross-disciplinary expertise drives us to dig deeply into business challenges to uncover the perfect digital solution. We always go a step beyond your expectations to design and deliver the most functional, lasting, and creative digital solution.

rocket-icon-at-2x Powering industrial digitization by making complex simple.

We aim to modernize global, industrial systems and platforms with innovative digital solutions. Our mission is to deliver exponential value to our enterprise customers.

Our Leadership Team

See who’s at the helm of ChaiOne!


Gaurav Khandelwal, MBA

Founder and Chairman

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Dominique Fischer, MBA


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Mike Collins, MS

VP of Services

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Evelina Deleanu, PhD, MBA

Head of Experience

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Charleta Cook, PMP, CSM, CSPO

Head of Engagement Management

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Fitouri Hnainia, MEng

Head of Software Engineering

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Michelle Pakron, MBA

Head of UX Design

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Edan Jorgensen

Edan Jorgensen, PhD

Head of Behavioral Science

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Hussain Abbasi

Head of Technology

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