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ChaiOne offers a holistic approach for tackling your company’s problems, big and small, to unlock exponential growth.

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Lead your industry with a purpose-built digital solution

There are no cookie-cutter solutions here. We’ll help you uncover your company’s potential.

Research-fueled UX Design

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By studying human interaction in the right context, we can craft solutions to reduce frustration and streamline your workflow.

  • Research
  • Voice of the customer
  • Design concepts & prototype
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Digital Strategy informed by Data Science

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Define a business case with metrics for your success. Improve operational performance and tap into new market segments.

  • Align business goals
  • Gap analysis
  • Data Analytics
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Product Development with Scalable Potential

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We specialize in purpose-built applications, end-to-end solutions that integrate with your existing systems and third-party tools.

  • New build, MVP
  • Full stack development
  • Enterprise architecture
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Not sure what you need?

You know you need some help, but you’re not sure where to start. Here are some of the common problems ChaiOne solves as well as some examples of our now-happy clients.

My company wants to build a brand new product.

You’ve got an idea, but now what? Maybe you’re:

  • A brand new startup, ready to launch a new product into the world
  • An existing company, excited to add another product to your offerings
  • A growing company whose operational tools aren’t cutting it anymore

What we can do for you:


Weatherford Cygnet wanted to extend their desktop functionality to provide real-time production data while in the field. To accomplish this, ChaiOne:

  • Gathered insights into satisfying business objectives through surveys, contextual inquiries, and interviews
  • Conducted design workshops
  • Provided visual designs and a prototype
  • Collaborated with Weatherford’s engineers to develop the app


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Our workflow is slowing us down and holding us back.

Feeling like your processes could be optimized? Maybe you’re:

  • Constantly noticing inaccurate and/or redundant processes
  • Wondering if manual work could be automated or digitized
  • Hoping to identify bottlenecks to save time and money

What we can do for you:


Exelon needed to move deliveries through the security process faster and ensure efficient turnarounds. ChaiOne created a visitor management system aimed at removing wait times and delivery rejections. This process included:

  • A thorough study of the existing paper-based process, via observation, SME interviews, and data analysis
  • Synthesizing findings into a Discovery Report and UX Design Concepts
  • Building the new application


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We want to build or improve an externally facing product.

How do your customers reach you online? Maybe you’re:

  • Creating a brand new customer interface for your established business
  • Receiving feedback that your customer experience is frustrating or outdated
  • Ready to modernize your product to strengthen your competitive edge

What we can do for you:


North Shore Steel was ready to transform their customer journey for buying steel products into a modern retail experience. To accomplish this, ChaiOne:

  • Conducted Voice of Customer research to show key customer preferences and trends to inform the designs
  • Provided responsive designs for the platform, as well as a custom UI kit of icons
  • Developed the new platform and provided ongoing support


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Our Services

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