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We are ready to build the future

ChaiOne is your go-to for building or optimizing digital solutions. Whether crafting from scratch or refining existing tech, our expertise ensures your success.

ChaiOne capabilities

ChaiOne excels at Human-centered Experiences, brought to life by our core groups, Behavioral Science, UX Design, and Engineering.

Example of Customer Experience Map
Above: An example of a Customer Experience Map showing stress levels for the call center agent and customer

User research to uncover hidden needs and goals

By studying human interaction in the right context, we can craft solutions to reduce frustration and streamline your workflow.

  • Personas
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Task-flow Analysis
  • User Journey Maps
  • Surveys
  • User Interviews
Above: An example of a modernized mobile app to increase in-store conversions at retail gas stations

Research-backed intelligently designed experiences

Our UX designers apply lessons learned from research into useful, usable, and beautiful experiences that users love.

  • Content Design
  • Wireframes
  • User Interface Design
  • Design Systems
  • Component Libraries
  • Prototypes
System Architecture Example
Above: An example of a system architecture created by our software architects.

Technology-powered innovation

Our engineers and technologists use leading frameworks, tools, and data to help clients reduce time, save money, and increase revenue.

  • Full Stack Development
  • AI-Enabled Solutions
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Mobile App Development
  • Technology Assessments
  • Front End Development
  • System Integration
  • Azure Data Engineering + Analytics
  • Legacy Software Modernization

Working with ChaiOne

ChaiOne offers two main ways you can work with us: by the team or by the specialist.

Dedicated teams

ChaiOne can provide a dedicated team with the perfect blend of researchers, UX designers, engineers, and project managers to bring your ideas to fruition.

We can put together teams in the US, a blend of US and nearshore, or fully nearshore locations in LATAM. With a US-based team of design and technology leaders coupled with a LATAM team of skilled production staff, we can help you reach your goals, quickly and on budget.

  • Integrate Human-Centered AI for Process improvement
  • Modernize Outdated Enterprise Software
  • 0-1 Product Development

Dedicated talent

ChaiOne can provide dedicated specialists for research, UX design, and engineering, in the US and LATM, to seamlessly fit into your existing product teams.

  • Fully vetted and tested front-end, back-end, full-stack, and mobile engineers
  • Senior and Lead-level hybrid UX Designers
  • User researchers with advanced training in behavioral science

ChaiOne services

ChaiOne offers a multitude of ways that we use our varied skills and experiences to accelerate your business goals.

Above: Excerpts from Expert Reviews conducted by our UX Design team.

Expert assessments

We offer three types of expert assessments.

UX Expert Review

By evaluating your product against established usability, design, and UX principles, our UX experts identify existing issues and propose solutions to enhance your product and amplify user experience.

Software Assessment

A software assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of a software system, application, or platform to assess its performance, functionality, security, scalability, and overall quality.

Roadmap Assessment

A roadmap assessment is an evaluation process used to analyze and refine the strategic plan or roadmap of a project, product, or organization.

GenAI-driven Insights

Tap into the power of Generative AI to accelerate your product forward

Generative AI provides unparalleled means for rapidly extracting insights about attitudes, opinions, and behaviors of your product and services customers.

By tapping into call center records, support tickets, analytics, market and other research reports, survey data, product roadmaps, and other data sources, product teams can develop a holistic, deeper understanding of customer needs, expectations, and opportunities to advance competitive edge.


Voice of Customer

Uncover blind spots in your strategy with an unbiased scientific research process to gather data to improve your business. Data is collected in a variety of methods including surveys, phone interviews, in-person visits, in situ observations, and workshops. 


ChaiOne modernized the North Shore Steel retail experience with a dedicated team. We transformed the customer journey for buying steel products by conducting Voice of Customer research which informed the new design.

Fractional Chief Digital Officer

Get smart about your digital strategy with a team of trusted partners that have decades of experience in digital. Our fractional leaders are available to listen, brainstorm, strategize and create a plan of action for you and your board.


Let’s work together

ChaiOne has the experience, skills, and experts to help you achieve your technology goals. Get in touch with us to learn more about what we can do for you.