The ChaiOne Way

ChaiOne is a pioneer in behavioral science-led strategy-to-solution for the energy and industrial sectors. Our imperative is to unearth new value through customer-centric design, digital tools, and processes.

Discover. Define. Design. Develop. Scale. Insights.


Data-Driven Product Optimization

Through empirical user research, we uncover blind spots and unveil opportunities to bolster user engagement.


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Product Strategy and Roadmap Planning

We understand and connect the dots between business goals and technology enablers. With a focus on ROI we set KPI’s to provide measurable outcomes.


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Behavioral Science Driven Product Experience Design

We design solutions that combine the art and science of human-centered design and technology expertise.


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Agile Engineering

Our engineering services span MVP to DevOps with dedicated teams providing long term partnerships.


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Effective Product Adoption

We provide strategic direction for growth to position your solution for frictionless expansion across teams, business units or enterprise-wide.



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Curated Intelligence Dashboard

We assist in the consolidation and synthesis of your business intelligence from disparate business systems.



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