ChaiOne Insights: Stephen Johnson

The Value of Industrial Design Thinking & UX

5 minutes read

Everything gets designed - clothes, chairs, cars, buildings, pens. Designers have to understand user needs in order to design something, this is a fundamental design philosophy.

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Use Data To Bridge The Gap Between Sales and Marketing

6 minutes read

In today’s world of technology where information is available in real time, decision makers are more educated than ever. It is no longer effective to dial down the phone book for customers, or to exist without an effective website.

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ChaiOne Employee Spotlight: Stephen Johnson

3 minutes read

Stephen Johnson

Senior Account Executive at ChaiOne

This month’s ChaiOne Employee Spotlight is on Stephen Johnson, a Senior Account Executive at ChaiOne. As a Senior Account Executive, Stephen is responsible for maintaining relationships with ChaiOne’s Fortune 500 oil and gas clients.

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