ChaiOne Insights: Design Thinking

5 Stages of User-Centric Design Thinking

7 minutes read

What is user-centric design thinking?

Imagine trying to solve problems focusing on understanding people and their needs. That’s the basis of user-centric design thinking or UCD.

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Design Thinking for Strategic Innovation

6 minutes read

What is design thinking?

To solve a problem using design thinking is to put the customer's needs first. It sounds straightforward. However, the idea was revolutionary when it was first introduced. At the time, too many large corporations could not think creatively and create new products and services to satisfy their customer’s unmet needs.

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The Value of Industrial Design Thinking & UX

5 minutes read

Everything gets designed - clothes, chairs, cars, buildings, pens. Designers have to understand user needs in order to design something, this is a fundamental design philosophy.

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The Impact of Design Thinking on Enterprise Digital Transformation

6 minutes read

In 2009, Airbnb was on verge of bankruptcy. Today, it’s revolutionizing the tourism industry.

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