ChaiOne Insights: digital supply chain

Trends in Logistics for 2021

3 minutes read

As the industry navigates the re-emergence from the global disruption, there’s a greater focus on the supply chain. Pressures surmount like never before, and all facets of the supply chain have been permanently affected—but none more than logistics. The entire logistics industry has seen the world turned upside down in response to today’s constantly evolving world.

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The Future of Supply Chain Solutions

5 minutes read

Since the first product or service was created and sold in ancient times, supply chains have existed. With the dawn of industrialization, supply change management became increasingly sophisticated. Companies were able to do a more efficient job of producing and delivering goods and services. Thanks to the internet, technological innovation, and the ever-evolving demand-driven global economy, supply change management has been revolutionized yet again.

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Digital Innovation in Supply Chain for 2021 and Beyond

4 minutes read

Digital initiatives across the supply chain function have accelerated over the recent years due to three main factors. The first is that the C-suite is finally recognizing that supply chain is a driving force within the organization, not just the traditional support function of yesterday. The second factor is that rapidly evolving technology has enabled the function to access data more readily allowing for better analytics and data driven decision making across all levels. Finally, the...

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What is Cost of Transportation to Supply Chain Management?

6 minutes read


There is a lot of information available on supply chain costs, its cost elements, and ways to save costs. We are not going to reiterate what has already been said but will focus comments on the cost of transportation as it is one of the largest components of supply chain management. A recent peer-review survey concluded that transportation spend can be as high as 10% for some companies. The same survey also concluded that more and more companies are realizing this as an important focus...

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ChaiOne's Velostics Platform Featured by Innovation Map

2 minutes read


HOUSTON, Texas—April 7, 2020 — ChaiOne's logistics platform, Velostics, was given a spotlight by Innovation Map. Innovation Map fashions itself as the "voice of innovation in Houston covering startups, tech, health, energy, social impact, and more."

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