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Everything You Need for a Digital Transformation Roadmap

6 minutes read

What is a digital transformation roadmap?

Just as you wouldn't drive into a large urban area without a map, you can apply the same rule to digital transformation. It would help if you had a plan or roadmap to define your company’s digital transformation effort. This map provides a company with the necessary structure to move through the various programs needed to reach success.

A digital transformation roadmap usually begins with assessing the business at present and defining the future...

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Digital Innovation in Supply Chain for 2021 and Beyond

4 minutes read

Digital initiatives across the supply chain function have accelerated over the recent years due to three main factors. The first is that the C-suite is finally recognizing that supply chain is a driving force within the organization, not just the traditional support function of yesterday. The second factor is that rapidly evolving technology has enabled the function to access data more readily allowing for better analytics and data driven decision making across all levels. Finally, the...

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The Crucial Mistakes Digital Transformation Strategy Leaders Make with their Business Case

7 minutes read

What was Blockbuster Inc. focused on when Netflix started to show traction?

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