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Why Every (Interaction) Designer Should Be A Writer

7 minutes read

Many people assume design is a type of art. Those people are wrong. Yet, the assumption is understandable when the products of our work tend to be largely visual. Communicating an idea visually is pretty abstract and requires practice in order to think in that way. It is the reason young designers are required to express their ideas with sketches. Most people are surprised then to open my design sketchbook and see more words than pictures.

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Enterprise App Design: How to Design for Users In The Field

9 minutes read

There are stark contrasts in the design processes employed for a social media app and an enterprise mobile app. An enterprise app relies heavily on research before design. The design team for a social media app could arguably — cut more corners in the research and ideation stages if they wish.

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Designing Apps for Multiple Devices

6 minutes read


Everything we interact with daily is becoming more and more connected with each other. Our interaction jumps from our phones to our cars, from our cars to our homes, our homes to our tablets, etc. We now expect our experience to be consistently usable and delightful across all our devices.

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