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ChaiOne promotes Evelina Deleanu to lead new Experience Practice

2 minutes read

ChaiOne, a provider of digital solutions for industrial companies, today announced the promotion of Evelina Deleanu to lead the company’s transformed Experience practice.

With 7 years of background in successfully solving user adoption problems and most recently serving as Head of User Research, Evelina’s Experience practice brings together Behavioral Science, Design, Digital Transformation Strategy, and Data Science teams. This move is a response to the ever-growing customer need to uncover...

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ChaiOne Achieves Microsoft Silver Partner Status

1 minute read

As a leading provider of design-led custom digital solutions for industrial customers, ChaiOne is thrilled to announce our achievement of Silver Partner Status with the Microsoft Partner Network. We have added the Microsoft ‘Cloud Platform’ Silver level competency to our ever-growing list of partner recognized skills. Azure application development is an integral part of what we do at ChaiOne, and we are continuously striving to improve and add extra competencies under our belt.The Microsoft...

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Digital Innovation in Supply Chain for 2021 and Beyond

4 minutes read

Digital initiatives across the supply chain function have accelerated over the recent years due to three main factors. The first is that the C-suite is finally recognizing that supply chain is a driving force within the organization, not just the traditional support function of yesterday. The second factor is that rapidly evolving technology has enabled the function to access data more readily allowing for better analytics and data driven decision making across all levels. Finally, the...

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Is Your Organization Nurturing or Suppressing Innovative Ideas and Creative Individuals?

7 minutes read


How often have you heard someone—a student, an employee—say that they’re not very creative, or worse, that they’re not right-brained oriented? I would argue that most of us are creative without being cognizant of our own creative tendencies. Why? In a recent study, researchers found that jazz musicians engaged in improvisation using the same brain regions to process their on-the-fly compositions as we use to process everyday spoken language (Donnay, et al., 2014). What this means is that...

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Taming Enterprise Systems

9 minutes read

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What is Cost of Transportation to Supply Chain Management?

6 minutes read


There is a lot of information available on supply chain costs, its cost elements, and ways to save costs. We are not going to reiterate what has already been said but will focus comments on the cost of transportation as it is one of the largest components of supply chain management. A recent peer-review survey concluded that transportation spend can be as high as 10% for some companies. The same survey also concluded that more and more companies are realizing this as an important focus...

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The Value of Industrial Design Thinking & UX

5 minutes read

Everything gets designed - clothes, chairs, cars, buildings, pens. Designers have to understand user needs in order to design something, this is a fundamental design philosophy.

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ChaiOne's Velostics Platform Featured by Innovation Map

2 minutes read


HOUSTON, Texas—April 7, 2020 — ChaiOne's logistics platform, Velostics, was given a spotlight by Innovation Map. Innovation Map fashions itself as the "voice of innovation in Houston covering startups, tech, health, energy, social impact, and more."

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There are more than 100 ways in which you can bias users’ responses

0 minute read


Response bias is a general term that refers to the various conditions and factors that can influence users’ responses to surveys or interviews. The bias can be intentional or accidental and can arise from the way individual questions are phrased, the way the questionnaire as a whole is designed, and how the questionnaire is administered. Most importantly, with biased responses, the users’ feedback becomes inaccurate and misleading. This, in turn, can lead to poor design, incorrect...

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