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What is Apple’s B2B App Store and How Does It Work?

With $10 billion in gross revenue in 2013 and 1.2 million apps as of June 2014, Apple’s App Store is a massive business. How do these apps get into … [Read more...]


Changing the User Experience with iBeacons

Context is a growing mobile trend, especially through the use of iBeacons. These inexpensive and low powered proximity sensors track user location to … [Read more...]


The Advantages of Customized Sales Presentations and Mobile Apps

In elementary school, teachers (at least the ones at my school) would tell all the students that each and every one of them was special. Your parents … [Read more...]


Using Mobile Apps for Competitive Advantage

As a part of a business organization, have you been looking to have apps created that offer you the competitive advantage you need? What are you … [Read more...]


ChaiOne Employee Spotlight: Aaron Ortbals

Aaron Ortbals Software Developer at ChaiOne Last month, we published our first ChaiOne Employee Spotlight on Tiziano Hernandez, the Executive … [Read more...]


Designing Apps for Multiple Devices

Everything we interact with daily is becoming more and more connected with each other. Our interaction jumps from our phones to our cars, from our … [Read more...]


Group Messaging Apps and Uses for Enterprises

Have you ever wondered how to communicate with a team member who is running late for an early morning meeting without having to dig for his or her … [Read more...]


iOS 8 Implications on Enterprise

Since the announcement of iOS 8 at the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote presentation on June 2nd, Apple has created a lot of buzz surrounding … [Read more...]


Good-bye Objective-C, Hello Apple’s Swift

As you may have heard, Apple unveiled a new programming language called Swift a few weeks back at WWDC. This is monumental in a number of ways, and … [Read more...]


What are Extensions in iOS 8 and Why Should Enterprises Care?

With Apple’s announcements at WWDC, one of the most interesting new features is the app extension (or simply extension) that allows you to extend … [Read more...]