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Manufacturing Content That Sells

6 minutes read

For quite a while, manufacturers have chosen to employ multiple sales channels to sell their products. This isn’t a problem within itself. However, it is commonplace for these sales reps to sell many different products for many different companies. As a result, manufacturers are actually competing for these reps to spend time selling their products. So, how do you entice them to do that?

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Big Data in Manufacturing: Enterprise Mobile and IoT Strategy

4 minutes read

As a product manufacturer, you sit somewhere on the spectrum of just starting to look into how to participate in the Internet of Things (IoT), to well on your way to transforming your business as a result of a successful IoT implementation.  No matter where you are on this spectrum, you, like many other manufacturers, likely realize that the future of manufacturing includes creating Smart Connected Products in Smart Connected Factories.

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Are Your Digital Plant Tools Helping Employees?

5 minutes read

The digital plant will never be successful without user research.

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The Digital Plant: Transforming Operations

8 minutes read

Walk into a power plant or manufacturing shop floor today and there is one thing you are almost guaranteed to see: paper, and lots of it.

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