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Optimizing IIoT data monitoring with a user-centered approach

By streamlining operations and eliminating shadow tools, a leading industrial pump manufacturer aims to deliver a superior asset monitoring experience while expanding its customer base.


A leading manufacturer of industrial pumps aimed to improve its asset monitoring services offered as an accompaniment to its industrial internet of things (IIoT) devices and asset monitoring software.  The current level of manual operations required to monitor the IIoT data using the client's software impacts the quality of monitoring. This also reduces the client’s ability to serve a larger customer base without incurring significant personnel costs.  The client aims to reduce manual operations and eliminate shadow tools, allowing current personnel time to provide customers with a 'white-glove' asset monitoring service experience, and concurrently grow accounts.


ChaiOne embarked on a comprehensive approach that combined user-centered methodologies, data science, and technical assessments to identify areas of improvement and ensure feasibility. The process was divided into two phases:

  1. Assessment and Opportunity Identification: On-site observations of our client’s analysts, and both employee and customer interviews allowed for a thorough understanding of user pain points, workflows, and preferences. This approach allowed for a deep dive into the challenges faced by analysts in their daily operations. Concurrently, both data science and technical assessments were performed to evaluate the current data and technical infrastructure and identify potential gaps or limitations.
  2. Design and Testing of New Feature: We, along with the client, prioritized the development of a new feature, the Asset Analysis Card, as the low-hanging fruit for immediate implementation. This feature aimed to streamline asset monitoring processes, reduce manual efforts, and lead to decreased time to monitor a group of assets. Through testing and UX measurements, we confirmed that the new design will meet these goals which is a strong indicator that the new feature will allow the client to serve more customers using their monitoring service without having to hire more personnel.


The project has significant long-term strategic and immediate tactical benefits for our client. We initially identified and prioritized improvement recommendations across the end-to-end asset monitoring processes and services, including sales, setup, analysis, documentation, reporting, and tracking. Strategic improvement recommendations included additional features for setup, documentation, and reporting, an upgraded mobile experience for in-the-field workflows, establishing data quality control, tracking asset recommendations using AI, and more.

The implementation of the Asset Analysis Card was chosen as the immediate tactical next step. This feature is expected to lead to the following significant improvements and positive outcomes for the client:

  1. Shadow Tool Elimination: The Asset Analysis Card replaces three shadow tools, streamlining operations and reducing complexity for analysts.
  2. Efficiency Gains: Automation and intuitive design are expected to lead to a significant reduction in manual operations, allowing analysts to focus on strategic tasks and providing a “white-glove” monitoring service to customers.
  3. Scalability: The new feature is expected to enable a 50% scaling of monitoring services per analyst, accommodating a growing customer base without additional staffing.
"The Asset Analysis Card feature will be a huge benefit. It will save us from moving and working with data in an outside tool, which takes a huge amount of time. " — Customer feedback on the new feature


ChaiOne's user-centered approach, coupled with technical expertise, enabled the successful enhancement of the client's asset monitoring services. By addressing user pain points, streamlining processes, and leveraging automation, the client will achieve significant efficiency gains, eliminate shadow tools, and enhance scalability for future growth in monitoring services. The project exemplifies the value of aligning technology solutions with user needs to drive tangible business outcomes and enhance the overall customer experience.

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