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Enhancing lubricant production and export efficiency

Our client, a global energy company, sought to enhance their lubricant production and export processes. Partnering with ChaiOne, they embarked on a comprehensive reassessment, focusing on on-time and in-full (OTIF) delivery performance.

Challenges and approach

  • We used a holistic user-centered approach to meticulously examine the entire value chain, from order placement to delivery. This expanded on previous work to include valuable customer feedback, ensuring a comprehensive understanding
  • Our research revealed that 70% of process pain points occur before lubricants are even manufactured, primarily manifesting during the planning, order placement, and scheduling phases
  • Half of these issues significantly impact the client’s ability to achieve their OTIF goals
  • Plant employees spend, on average, 20 hours of their workweek performing manual tasks, limiting their time to troubleshoot and manage these order placement issues

Strategic recommendations

Leveraging the client’s existing technology platform, we proposed two major technical solutions that address over 35% of the highly critical issues:

  • Streamline Order Placement Tools
    • Enhance existing tools to improve the customer order placement experience and address inefficiencies caused by limited functionality and poor interface design
  • Automation for Select Task Performance
    • Utilize current automation capabilities to reduce manual operations for plant employees, such as document management and delivery, and free them up to handle complex order placement issues

Expected outcomes

Our recommendations are positioned to yield substantial benefits:

  • OTIF Improvement by at least 10 percentage points
  • Reduced Manual Workload allowing plant employees to focus on proactive problem-solving
  • Enhanced Customer Experience providing streamlined order placement for customers and reduced support for employees
 The journey toward optimized lubricant production and delivery continues, guided by data-driven insights and a commitment to excellence.

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