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Case Studies

Bringing the power of electric vehicles to customers' pockets

Electric vehicle owners often struggle with range anxiety. ChaiOne created an app to reduce this anxiety and provide key functionality needed by EV owners.

nrg evgo app-screenshot-01

Increasing electric vehicle customer engagement and loyalty via a mobile app

A utilities provider struggled to engage with and retain electric vehicle customers via its mobile app platform. The app did not cater to the needs and motivations that are unique to electric vehicle owners. The provider was also not aware of how experiences at charging stations were impacting customer satisfaction.

The mobile app redesign ensured that key electric vehicle  customer needs were met:

  • Interactive route planning features
  • Mobile app functionality aligned with experiences and needs at physical charging stations
  • Account management tools were tailored specifically for electric vehicle owners
  • As a result, current and prospective customer engagement with the utilities provider increased significantly

My Account screen

Services provided:

UX Design; Voice of Customer

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