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Five Mobile Trends To Consider

Mobile technology continues to change and evolve; just look at how far mobile has come. Smartphone usage has changed from professionals exclusively … [Read more...]


Essential Tools for Mobile Analytics

According to a Gartner report, by 2017, mobile apps are expected to generate revenue of more than $77 billion and will be downloaded more than 268 … [Read more...]

ChaiOne formula

Breakfast Fridays, Robots, Hackathons, and more!

When you walk into the ChaiOne office, one of the first things you’ll probably notice is either the ChaiOne sign or the robot we have. Yes, you read … [Read more...]


Experiencing The Value of User-Centered Design

It wasn’t too long ago when user-centered design was a theory based on user testing and efficiency. There was a certain complexity to consumer goods … [Read more...]


The Evolution of Mobile

We all know how the mobile phone has become an inevitable part of our daily life and changed the way we live. Today, how would you feel if you lost … [Read more...]


Things To Remember For Mobile in Retail

According to a Forbes article, one of the Top 5 Retail Trends To Look For In 2014 is the convergence of the physical and digital world. This means … [Read more...]


Context Aware Computing and its Growing Importance and Impact on Technology

What works today is not just advertising. True, many Fortune 500 companies may be spending up to $500 million each year on advertising. Yet, the … [Read more...]


Biggest Tech Challenges CIOs Need to Tackle in 2014

CIOs face many complex challenges in this new age. As a CIO, you just can’t operate traditionally; rather you have to make yourself valuable enough … [Read more...]

Quick Tips-Developing mobile apps

Quick Tips For Developing Mobile Apps

Mobile app development is blooming and many software developers are transitioning either temporarily or permanently from different software fields. … [Read more...]

Context Apps-Traffic

Why You Should Spend More Time Thinking About Context

According to ABI Research, the indoor location market will reach $4 billion in 2018. In this market, companies will be utilizing BLE technology with … [Read more...]