Improving call center operations and efficiency with chatbot technology


"Agents get so frustrated when the customer management platform forces them to restart their computer because there are so many screens they have to log into. I had one system reboot 4 times in one day."

Large Utilities Company

Redundant tools and silo'ed systems slow down call center agents in resolving customers' issues and increase the number of manual tasks

  • Call center agents have to search for customer accounts across multiple silo'ed systems
  • Search functions across the multiple systems are inconsistent
  • The systems are unreliable and slow, agents write down notes for each customer call in a document for copy-pasting it into the CMS at the end of day
  • Silo'ed systems do not allow for a smooth handoff when customer call is transferred to another agent, increasing overall call handle time
  • Customer satisfaction is negatively impacted by overall longer call times and numerous transfers to resolve an issue

A customer-facing web chatbot assists customers with simple tasks and thus reduces call volume. Call center agents can focus on value-added tasks by handling more complex customer needs that customer-facing chatbot cannot handle

  • Customers can self-service their own regular (e.g., pay bill, see usage) needs; multiple demographic segments expressed this preference
  • Chatbot technology shifts agents' workload primarily to customers who have more complex issues
  • Chatbot technology mimics interaction with an agent and transfers to a live agent if and when customer's issue becomes complex
  • Chatbot affords more efficient transactions by reducing customer and agent dialogue and reducing overall call handle time
  • Customer satisfaction is greatly increased

"Live chat representatives are helpful. It's convenient not having to be transferred, and I can avoid prompts."

Large Utilities Company

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