Experience & Design

Without the proper evaluation and keeping users at the center of an experience, digital transformations provide little-to-no value to the business financially.

Even the very best designers and developers cannot be successful when they are given the wrong requirements.
Graphic-73% of enterprises failed to provide business value from their digital transformation efforts

73% of enterprises failed to provide any business value whatsoever from their digital transformation efforts

Graphic-5% of digital features constructed in digital factories are adopted in the field

5% of digital features that are constructed in digital factories are being adopted in the field

What Do Results Look Like When We Deliver the Right Experience, the First Time?


Yearly Savings

Nuclear Innovation

Digital Plant Innovation Team drastically reduced development budgets by identifying the key problems to solve



Time at Rack Savings

Major midstream innovation team increased terminal throughput, drastically increasing revenue by enhancing the customer experience


Total Impact

Call Center Operations

A large utility provider achieved reduced turnover and increased sales

Experience Enhances Business

Graphic-ChaiOne Experience cyclical process
Graphic-Digital Strategy

Digital Strategy

Defining a business case that aligns with the long term success metrics of the organization, and aligning on the future state vision
Graphic-Behavioral Science

Behavioral Science

Understanding the actions and decisions being made by people in the context of work, and where improvements can be made by removing process bottlenecks and stress/frustration points
Graphic-Data Science

Data Science

Extracting insights from various data sources that serve as the foundation for effective human actions and decision making
Graphic-Interaction and Visual Design

Interaction & Visual Design

Crafting interfaces that expose insightful data at each point in the workflow, removing cost and increasing revenue

Digital Strategy

A digital strategy outlines a plan to deploy tools that accelerate your business goals through the use of technology.

Digital Strategy

Clarity Drives Alignment & Efficiency

  • Align with business goals
  • Perform gap analysis between the current state and desired future state
  • Construct short-term and long-term roadmap to fill technology/process gaps
  • Leverage best practices and tools that have had success across the industry
  • Revisit charters to measure progress

Behavioral Science

Improve your team's performance by using objective metrics gathered through observations and assessments.

When products and processes are behaviorally well designed, user adoption becomes inherent.

Solve the Right Problems

Technology is always secondary to the humans who use it.  

We uncover how employees actually execute work and the environmental factors that affect production and decision-making. 

This ensures we focus on the right problems and prioritize initiatives effectively.

Graphic-Experience map highlighting problem steps and pain points within a process

Data Science

Without direct knowledge of the problem, data science tools routinely miss the mark.  This results in costly and time-consuming delays to proper decision-making. 

Data Science

Move from “I need this data” to:

  • “What decision do we need to make?“
  • “What data do we need to make the decision?”
  • “Where does that data live?”
  • “How do we produce insights from disparate data across multiple systems, reducing the time and effort to make decisions?”

IxD & Visual Design

Design iterations are costly and time-consuming, yet most enterprise design teams work in silo’s without standard methods to measure effectiveness.

IxD & Visual Design

Build Usable Products in Scalable Fashion

  • Design is at its best when the intent is clear and results are measurable—our designs are informed by research and user-tested. 
  • Every design decision considers the user’s experience and business goals to ensure purposeful designs that solve real problems.
  • Maintain consistent usability, experience, and efficient design-to-development handoffs with Design Systems.

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