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Case Studies

Transforming SaaS user experience for competitive edge

An industrial-grade enterprise software as a service (SaaS) provider faced a critical challenge: their technology was outdated, and end users expressed dissatisfaction with antiquated functionalities. Additionally, concerns about decreased competitiveness threatened SaaS revenue. The dual objectives were clear: modernize the software technology and elevate the end user experience.


ChaiOne embarked on a comprehensive journey to address these pressing issues. Here’s how we tackled the transformation:

  1. Voice of the Customer Study: We conducted an in-depth analysis to understand how current SaaS users perceived the product and what influenced their buying decisions. This study revealed several shortcomings, some of which include:
    • Integration Gaps: The existing SaaS lacked seamless integration capabilities with other systems.
    • Visual Limitations: Users struggled with limited visualization features.
    • Mobile Challenges: Clunky mobile experiences hinder productivity.
  2. Baseline Assessment: We benchmarked the current user experience against other software solutions. Our client’s SaaS ranked in the bottom 10th percentile. This stark reality fueled our determination to drive change.
  3. Uncovering Hidden Decision-Makers: Our research unearthed an unexpected influencer in SaaS buying decisions. A previously unknown decision-maker, with unique needs and priorities, held significant sway.
    Example of a dashboard screen that ChaiOne designed for this application


Our insights paved the way for strategic improvements:

  1. Roadmap Creation: Collaboratively, we crafted a roadmap for future enhancements. Key functionalities were prioritized, ensuring alignment with user and buyer requirements.
  2. Informed Technology Stack: Armed with user insights, we made informed decisions about the technical stack and architecture. Our choices were tailored to meet real-world needs.
  3. Redesigned Engagement Layer: We conceptualized a fresh engagement-layer experience. Rigorous testing ensured that our redesign far surpassed the existing baseline.
  4. Impressive Results: The modernized tool now ranks in the 79th percentile. Anticipated high adoption rates upon implementation and rollout promise a competitive edge.
"The redesign did not meet my expectations – it did much better than what I was expecting. This type of visual data, if implemented, would be highly beneficial. All of these are great improvements. " — Customer feedback on redesign


By considering end user needs, understanding hidden influencers, and strategically redesigning the SaaS experience, we empowered our client to thrive in a dynamic digital landscape. The journey from the bottom 10th percentile to the 79th percentile exemplifies the power of user-centric transformation.

Services provided:

Voice of Customer; UX Design; App Modernization

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