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Case Studies

Beyond the Call: Chatbot Solutions for Enhanced Customer Support in Energy

The innovation team at a national energy client collaborated with ChaiOne to explore the potential benefits of chatbot technology in enhancing customer interactions with call center agents. ChaiOne identified key improvements for creating better customer experiences and optimizing call center agent workflows and assisted the client in implementing chatbot technology ahead of its competitors.

The challenge

The innovation team at a national energy client sought to exceed customer expectations, boost employee productivity, and align with strategic business objectives through the adoption of new technologies. Specifically, they aimed to improve interactions between customers and call center agents regarding energy services, and considered chatbot technology as a key emerging capability.

Our approach

ChaiOne conducted Voice of Customer research to understand customer experiences, including reasons for contacting the energy provider, interaction preferences, and satisfaction levels. Simultaneously, Voice of Employee research delved into the call center agent experience, uncovering pain points and inefficiencies in customer support processes.

The result

The research identified opportunities for enhancing customer experiences and optimizing call center workflows. ChaiOne identified specific service inquiries suitable for chatbot along with customer segments that might engage with it. Additionally, ChaiOne recommended improvements to call center agent workflows that would expedite issue resolution and increase first-call resolution success rates and other call center KPIs. Further, ChaiOne educated the client on chatbot technologies and developed a roadmap for implementation, alongside recommendations for other impactful enhancements.


By understanding the needs of end users and applying nascent technologies judiciously, the innovation team successfully launched a chatbot solution, positioning the client ahead of competitors. This approach not only improved customer interactions but also streamlined call center operations, ultimately driving positive outcomes for the business.

Services provided:

Voice of Customer Research; Software Engineering

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