ChaiOne Announces Velostics - Digital Logistics Platform to Orchestrate Industrial Shipments

Written By: admin | 03/17/20

ChaiOne Announces Velostics - Digital Logistics Platform to Orchestrate Industrial Shipments




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“Slack” for logistics solves challenges related to visibility, communication, and execution of mission-critical shipments

HOUSTON, Texas—March 17, 2020 — ChaiOne, a Houston-based provider of digital solutions for the energy, power, and industrial services sectors today announced the spinoff of a digital platform focused on orchestrating logistics by solving problems related to visibility, communication, and execution. Velostics is the result of over 10,000 hours of user research in the supply chain and logistics area.

The announcement comes as global enterprises in the industrial, energy and agricultural areas are planning significant investments in logistics collaboration and automation - areas identified as a key driver of risk management and efficiency gains across inbound and outbound operations. The concept of a logistics control tower is widely accepted as a “must” by shippers, customers, and carriers alike to tackle these challenges. However, delivering on this promise has been virtually impossible due to the many fragmented organizations, teams, and systems playing a role in each shipment.

“We have spent a lot of time with logistics managers, at facilities and terminals, in the field, with carrier dispatch and drivers,” says Jay Tchakarov, VP of Velostics. “One thing always comes up - mission-critical project shipments require tremendous collaboration as any delays and mistakes there have a disproportionate impact on operations and deadlines. Velostics breaks down the barriers between disjointed systems and teams. We bring together owners and stakeholders from across customers, suppliers, carriers, field, warehouse, and office to ensure the timely, accurate and safe delivery of each shipment.”

“BioUrja is very excited to launch Velostics in some of our business segments and expect to significantly reduce cost and improve risk management for our shipments,” said Amit Bhandari, CEO of BioUrja - a $6B global energy commodity trader and terminal operator. “For the first time, it is easy to work with our suppliers and vendors to eliminate errors and to reduce admin overhead. We also expect Velostics to automate our back-office processing of tickets and invoicing. This automation will allow us to get paid faster and to pay our suppliers and vendors faster.”

“The market has realized the transformative value of behavioral science-led solutions for industrial logistics operations,” said Gaurav Khandelwal, CEO of ChaiOne. “The Velostics platform will be key to reducing risk and guaranteeing quick time-to-value of energy and chemicals-related logistics initiatives.”

Velostics has already seen rapid adoption from energy operators and industrial suppliers thanks to its specific targeted functionality, including end-to-end visibility and real-time risk identification, collaboration, load handling safety procedures, POD and ticket automation, auditability and API-based integrations with ERP, TMS, Terminal and other enterprise systems.

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