ChaiOne Insights: legacy system modernization

Taming Enterprise Systems

9 minutes read

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Black-Box vs. White-Box Legacy System Modernization Methods

6 minutes read

240 billion.

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How to Guarantee ROI with a Legacy System Modernization

4 minutes read

One hundred million dollars worth of Hershey’s Kisses, Jolly Ranchers, Whoppers-- all packaged, prepared and waiting to ship out to grocery stores around the country for the lucrative Halloween season. The trucks were waiting for their orders, grocery chains were waiting to stock their shelves, and shareholders were counting on the profits. The only problem: the ERP system made fulfilling the Halloween orders impossible.

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What is a legacy system and how does it affect the business model?

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In 2017, one in four companies will lose competitive ranking due to a lack of digital business competence-- and lose out on the new markets, faster time-to-market, streamlined operations and cost savings that digital businesses generate.

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