ChaiOne and CloudHedge team up to offer accelerated app modernization on Azure through OmniDeq

Published by: ChaiOne | 12/7/22

ChaiOne and CloudHedge team up to offer accelerated app modernization on Azure through OmniDeq

Today, ChaiOne and CloudHedge announced a new partnership to simplify the complex application modernization process onto Azure. 

The ChaiOne and CloudHedge partnership enables enterprises in the industrial and energy sectors to accelerate into the digital age by modernizing their application stack through CloudHedge’s AI-based application modernization platform OmniDeqTM. Together they are offering a 10-day Application Modernization Assessment to evaluate the cloud readiness of legacy applications and provide a strategic roadmap to modernization using Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. 

Traditional industries are fast shifting towards digitization and enterprises are increasingly aware of the benefits modernization brings to productivity, security and customer experience, to name a few. Developing the right strategy is integral to successfully implementing any stage of modernization.  

View the listing on Microsoft's Azure Marketplace for more information.

Abhijit Joshi, CEO & Co-Founder, CloudHedge “OmniDeqTM can be a game changer for ChaiOne customers to become more responsive & agile and innovate at the speed of thought. OmniDeqTM allows businesses to move their workloads securely, efficiently and 6X faster to Microsoft Azure. OmniDeqTM is the only platform that powers the migration/modernization process using automation thus minimizing downtime and risk.”

Hussain Abbasi, Head of Technology, ChaiOne “An increasing number of organizations we talk to are in need of evolving their applications landscape to keep up with user and employee demands. We are helping them envision, strategize, and rapidly execute app modernization plans using the OmniDeq™ platform from CloudHedge. Thanks to OmniDeq™, we are able to move customers' workloads to Azure in a matter of weeks to enable experimentation, insights, and adaptation to provide a superior user experience so they can thrive in today's digital first, work-from-anywhere environment.”

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About ChaiOne

ChaiOne creates innovative digital solutions for energy and industrial enterprises. Our team of industry experts solve the most complex business challenges with a holistic, human-centered approach to accelerate growth and drive adoption across the entire organization. We are a leader in digital transformation, leveraging data science and user research to deliver the most functional, lasting and creative digital solutions. 

About CloudHedge 

CloudHedge is a leader in continuous modernization of enterprise application workloads. OmniDeqTM smartly automates workflows and enables intelligent audit of legacy application architecture, securely modernizes legacy applications and deploys them across environments. CloudHedge has developed its proprietary AI engine R6AiTM which powers the cognitive functions and automation of OmniDeqTM platform.