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Delightful Customer Experience: A Game Changer for Utilities

6 minutes read

This blog post is based on an interview with Fabrice Buron, the Vice President of Sales & Marketing, at ChaiOne.

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Why do I need user research? Answers To Internal Objections

9 minutes read

Successful products are ones that provide great user experiences (UX). Companies that focus on UX succeed and companies that don’t fail. The top 10 most successful companies in the S&P index invest heavily in engineering a successful UX, while the 10 least successful companies do not. Popular opinion is that UX is essential to success; however, when discussing with potential stakeholders all the efforts involved in creating a stellar UX, some are surprised by the amount and type of work that...

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How To Improve Call Center KPIs with Research

4 minutes read

Efficiency and effectiveness are fundamental to designing products and applications that provide exceptional user experiences. In a design or UX context, efficiency can be described as the speed in which users can complete key tasks when interacting with a product. Intuitive navigation paradigms, tooltips, and hot keys are a few ways to increase efficiency. Effectiveness has to do with completing key tasks and achieving intended goals. The effectiveness of a product or application is affected...

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Contextual Inquiries: What, How, and Why

5 minutes read

Conducting a contextual inquiry (CI) is one of the most powerful steps for studying a group’s UX and applying UCD. CI’s are just what you may think - it’s inquiring into the context of users’ everyday work and lives. It’s getting research out of the lab and into the field to discover what users do and how they do it. For teams aimed at redesigning enterprise software, contextual inquiries are a highly effective way to discover how work and activities can best be supported by novel technology....

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