ChaiOne Insights: customer experience

Why Mobile Utilities Apps Matter for Customers and Profits

4 minutes read

Low prices and slim margins-- this is where analysts are predicting electricity providers are headed. To consumers, one utility provider’s kilowatt-hour is the same as one from their competitor; it becomes a better kilowatt-hour if it’s cheaper and their bills are lower.

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Delightful Customer Experience: A Game Changer for Utilities

6 minutes read

This blog post is based on an interview with Fabrice Buron, the Vice President of Sales & Marketing, at ChaiOne.

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Why Your CX Strategy Needs a Digital Innovation Agency

3 minutes read

ChaiOne is an established leader in enterprise mobility and custom digital solutions. Our applications routinely generate astounding impact for businesses, from 400 percent increases in productivity, millions saved in data entry errors, and halving maintenance costs.

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Customer Journey Mapping: The Crucial Touchpoints Missing from Your Strategy

7 minutes read

Forward-thinking CEOs and CMOs have used customer journey maps as a crucial mechanism to inform and define all aspects of the customer experience: product development, in-store experiences, website development, and marketing efforts.

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