ChaiOne Insights: benefits of mobile apps

How To Find the Best Applications for Your Business

6 minutes read

Applications (“apps”) are at the heart of business in the 21st century. Web apps, mobile apps, and cloud apps are everywhere. Just as finding an organization without computers was nearly impossible 20 years ago, today, you won’t find one without a suite of apps operating their entire internal and external systems. From customer service applications to enterprise financial applications and SAP software applications, selecting the right software can be a daunting challenge.

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How Mobile Technology Will Impact Healthcare

3 minutes read

As a percentage, the United States spends the highest percent of its GDP (17.2%) on healthcare, significantly more than any other nation. However, patient outcomes are only comparable, if not better outside the United States. There are several reasons for this, and the causes are hotly debated and numerous (insurance premium costs, staff costs, poor access, American lifestyle, etc.), but solutions are few and far between. Every hospital and care facility has a different approach to improving...

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The Advantages of Customized Sales Presentations and Mobile Apps

5 minutes read

In elementary school, teachers (at least the ones at my school) would tell all the students that each and every one of them was special. Your parents probably told you that you were special, too. However, even though they may have said that you're special, did they actually use actions to back up those words? Well, as a salesperson, are you telling your prospective clients that they are special? If so, are you actually treating them well or do you end up pitching everyone the same deck? Think...

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Using Mobile Apps for Competitive Advantage

4 minutes read

As a part of a business organization, have you been looking to have apps created that offer you the competitive advantage you need? What are you mostly concerned about? To increase productivity and drive in performance, right? So, you must be wondering how mobile apps can help. Then, you must also know that the number of smartphone users in the world in 2014 is touching 1.75 billion.

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