The Importance of IT Modernization for Your Business

Written By: admin | 02/11/21

The Importance of IT Modernization for Your Business

IT modernizationIT modernization powers business growth and development across your entire organization. Additionally, it enables internal IT resources to be utilized for the company's primary services. IT modernization is no small feat. At ChaiOne, we understand it can be a difficult and arduous process involving the technology, people, and processes working together to make a business run.

Many of today's companies operate on a combination of outdated technologies for crucial day-to-day operations. These legacy systems are so critical to the organization, it often puts up with long wait times and costly maintenance.

Nevertheless, you don't want to be the professional at the conference carrying around a pager when everyone is using a smartphone. Now's the time to modernize your IT and ChaiOne can help. Our combination of experience and team of experts will help you identify your needs, streamline your effort, and accelerate the process.

Why modernize?

Simply put, it's about survival. Today's companies must continuously develop new processes to handle the cross-channel content strategy approach (i.e., the Amazon approach). There is a need to be quick on your feet and reduce time to market. Our experience has shown many of our clients have been unknowingly held hostage by their legacy applications without software modernization. Unable to adapt to changing environments, onboarding new partners, or adding new sources of revenue, their capacity to grow is limited.

Companies who understand their organization's bigger picture can modernize their entire IT system. They can do this much faster, achieving their goals and effectively competing in the 21st-century business ecosystem.

What is IT modernization?

Business IT modernization is the process of managing or moving away from aging hardware and software solutions. The process typically involves consolidating systems and workflows and choosing a more automated, innovative solution.

Business system modernization might be the process of how a company integrates customer orders and fulfillment data. Does anyone remember the era of taking fax, email, or over-the-phone orders and manually entering data into a back-end ERP system? Then having the system create acknowledgments, invoices, and shipping documents, which we then have to print out, fax, or email back? This approach is almost entirely obsolete!

IT modernization means embracing a cloud and data center approach. Today, most of your hardware and software is hosted by a third party, so you can use as little or as much of it as you need.

IT modernization doesn't only mean upgrading technologies. It also means improving skill sets. Modernization projects regularly include systems, applications, and migrations which require IT skills your team may not possess.

What is a modernization strategy?

At ChaiOne, our experienced team delivers predictable outcomes for your product with our modernization consulting. We adopt a data-driven approach when developing your modernization strategy to meet your business model's needs and enhance your customer experience.

Our modernization strategy begins with a thorough systems analysis. This is a comprehensive examination of your existing legacy systems, replatformation, cloud-readiness, integrations, and data flows. We examine your framework, workflows, reporting, and other major aspects of your business.

Based on our assessment findings, we then develop a detailed transformation plan, including a prioritized list of short-term and long-term initiatives to meet your company's requirements.

Your list of deliverables includes a prioritized transformation roadmap, assessing features to eliminate, consolidate, or modernize, cloud recommendations, and migration strategies.

The final step in the modernization process is to implement the initiatives.


Adopting new technologies and using them effectively is critical for a business to grow and operate efficiently. Not all technologies will benefit your company in the same way so it's essential to research technologies thoroughly. ChaiOne can help you find the right IT software, develop the right applications, or whatever it is you need to streamline and simplify your work processes. We work together to understand your organization's aspects or the work processes you want to improve with modernization and search for the solution.

Yes, it can be stressful and even confusing for employees accustomed to completing their work in a specific way to adjust to change. This is true even if the new processes are more comfortable, or more streamlined. Despite this, modernization is an instrumental aspect of running a successful business. It should be viewed as the primary goal of every business to stay on top—to continuously look for ways to improve operations and invest in employee happiness.

If you’re ready to modernize your IT and keep your business moving forward, contact a representative today.