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ChaiOne Employee Spotlight: Joe Southern

6 minutes read

Joe Southern

Manager of Engineering at ChaiOne

This month’s ChaiOne Employee Spotlight is on Joe Southern, a Manager of Engineering at ChaiOne. As a Manager of Engineering, Joe is responsible for managing a team of application or front end/back end engineers that are responsible for the organization's development projects. He works collaboratively across the organization, assigns and allocates team resources, and sets the delivery schedule to meet client requirements. He provides technical...

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ChaiOne Employee Spotlight: Dominique Fischer

5 minutes read

Dominique Fischer

Finance Manager at ChaiOne

This month’s ChaiOne Employee Spotlight is on Dominique Fischer, the Finance Manager at ChaiOne. As a Finance Manager, Dominique is responsible for analyzing, interpreting, and controlling the organization's accounting and financial records as well as establishing, coordinating, and administering a plan for the control of operations.

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ChaiOne Employee Spotlight: Adrian Garcia

9 minutes read

Adrian Garcia

Senior UX Researcher at ChaiOne

This month’s ChaiOne Employee Spotlight is on Adrian Garcia, a Senior UX Researcher at ChaiOne. As a Senior UX Researcher, Adrian and his team chart the design direction of projects and ensure the technology we deliver is user-friendly, intuitive, supports users in the context of their work, and delivers on specific business objectives.

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