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Creating an Enterprise Mobile Strategy: Culture & Roadmap

5 minutes read

In an earlier post, we talked about what enterprise mobile strategies with real ROI looked like. We also gave you questions to help you figure out if an app project aligns with your overall business objectives. In addition, we touched on the subject of security and the implementation of enterprise mobile strategies. In this blog post, we will discuss the roadmap that an organization can take when starting the process of considering an enterprise wide mobile strategy.

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Best Practices For User Experience Design

3 minutes read

The Importance of a User Centered Design

How do you feel when you use an Apple product? Most will say that they love using their iPhone, iPad, or whatever Apple device they have. Apple products are designed to be intuitive and create great experiences. According to the iOS 7 developer library, Apple’s latest operating system embodies a design with three themes: deference, clarity, and depth. These three themes focus on the user and helps us understand and interact with content. With all its...

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Heuristic Evaluations and Usability Testing are Critical to Your Business

4 minutes read

Did you know that difficult to use, ineffective, cumbersome software leads to low user adoption which accounts for about 70% of failed projects? Creating user-friendly products is crucial to user adoption and success. How can you make sure that your product is user-friendly? Heuristic evaluations and usability testing are two powerful methods that help ensure user-friendliness of a product. Every business should care about how intuitive and easy-to-use their devices or software are because ...

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User Experience Research & User-Centered Design

16 minutes read

Investing in user experience (UX) by designing software through a user-centered design framework serves three primary functions:

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Why Your Business Needs an Anthropologist

6 minutes read

Research is important. Google knows it. Apple knows it. Microsoft and IBM know it. Facebook knows it. All of the major automotive manufacturers know it. And while most business people instinctively agree, I’ve seen research hastily struck from the budgets of many a tech/design project (Not here! We know better.)

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Why Assumptions Kill Your Product

3 minutes read

We see companies and startups spring up everyday proclaiming they have the newest and best solution for our daily needs. But do we really need it? Does this solve a pre-existing problem or create a new one?

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What Oil and Gas Has Taught Us About UX and Mobile Solutions

7 minutes read

ChaiOne has done a bunch of work in the oil and gas industry. Our efforts stretch across customer service centers in Mexico, distributions facilities along the Gulf Coast, offshore oil rigs in the Pacific Ocean, and to frozen land rigs in northern Canada. Below is a short list of considerations for those that want to make mobile technology with great user experiences for oil and gas field workers. This is split across two parts: Part 1 is about the human considerations and Part 2 is about...

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6 Tips To Build A User-Centered Design Department At Your Company

3 minutes read

UX, UI and UCD are the buzzwords in the tech industry today. ChaiOne’s success and clientele list is a testament that this mentality and type of work is now permeating into enterprise software. Many enterprise companies are creating UCD departments responsible for sprinkling “UX” into the design of internally developed software. This is great, but it comes with challenges, often in the form of other departments and groups being resistant to change that limits the effectiveness of user-centered...

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Hospitality Mobile Apps: Creating A Better User Experience

10 minutes read

There’s no doubt, mobile can improve how companies offer their services to customers. This is especially true for hospitality. The ease of a mobile device has great potential to improve the user experience around how your customer interacts with your services.

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