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Best Practices For User Experience Design

3 minutes read

The Importance of a User Centered Design

How do you feel when you use an Apple product? Most will say that they love using their iPhone, iPad, or whatever Apple device they have. Apple products are designed to be intuitive and create great experiences. According to the iOS 7 developer library, Apple’s latest operating system embodies a design with three themes: deference, clarity, and depth. These three themes focus on the user and helps us understand and interact with content. With all its...

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How To Improve Call Center KPIs with Research

4 minutes read

Efficiency and effectiveness are fundamental to designing products and applications that provide exceptional user experiences. In a design or UX context, efficiency can be described as the speed in which users can complete key tasks when interacting with a product. Intuitive navigation paradigms, tooltips, and hot keys are a few ways to increase efficiency. Effectiveness has to do with completing key tasks and achieving intended goals. The effectiveness of a product or application is affected...

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Improving the User Experience in Mobile Forms

6 minutes read

With more than 1 million apps in the App Store, mobile app developers definitely have competition. It can be difficult to get users, but a key feature that distinguishes a successful app from an average app is a good user experience. Depending on the app’s function, the user experience will vary. Some apps may just be designed for entertainment while others are used to improve business processes. According to a recent report on enterprise mobility, in terms of investing in mobile, “the main...

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