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Heuristic Evaluations and Usability Testing are Critical to Your Business

4 minutes read

Did you know that difficult to use, ineffective, cumbersome software leads to low user adoption which accounts for about 70% of failed projects? Creating user-friendly products is crucial to user adoption and success. How can you make sure that your product is user-friendly? Heuristic evaluations and usability testing are two powerful methods that help ensure user-friendliness of a product. Every business should care about how intuitive and easy-to-use their devices or software are because ...

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Usability Testing: Getting Guerrilla With It

7 minutes read

A visually appealing application with innovative interactive elements might be ineffective and impractical if the needs, wants, and interests of the user have not been considered. User needs can be diverse and should require special attention throughout the project lifecycle. The key is to test early and test often to ensure that you are designing an application that is serving a purpose, solving a problem, and addressing user needs and wants.

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Usability Testing During The Project Lifecycle

2 minutes read

Test Early

There are many benefits of usability testing as it allows teams to identify issues before they are coded. Some benefits include being able to learn how long it takes for participants to complete tasks and if they are successful or not, find out the satisfaction level of participants with your product, and identify changes needed in order to improve user performance and satisfaction. Furthermore, it’s important to note that performing usability testing as early as possible can save...

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A Guide To Software Usability Testing

5 minutes read

Trying to figure out how to improve a mobile app? Have you observed users actually using it? A great way to evaluate the effectiveness of a mobile app is to observe real people as they complete real tasks in realistic contexts or scenarios. This is called usability testing. With the information collected, app development teams can identify what improvements are needed and quickly implement solutions.

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What is UX Research and Why Should I Care?

4 minutes read


What is user research and why should my organization care? What's the return on investment from research? Often, you'll hear people dismiss the value of research and you may have even asked the same questions before, too. Many think of research as a waste of time and money without realizing how important research can be. User research affects your entire strategy from idea conception to product delivery. Instead of thinking of user research as an expense or delay, you need to shift your...

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