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How Custom Mobile Maps Improve Your Users' Brand Experience

4 minutes read

There’s a proper time and place for standard maps, but the enterprise mobility space in 2017 is neither. There are few things more jarring than otherwise perfectly designed data overlaid on an undesigned map.

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Usability Testing During The Project Lifecycle

2 minutes read

Test Early

There are many benefits of usability testing as it allows teams to identify issues before they are coded. Some benefits include being able to learn how long it takes for participants to complete tasks and if they are successful or not, find out the satisfaction level of participants with your product, and identify changes needed in order to improve user performance and satisfaction. Furthermore, it’s important to note that performing usability testing as early as possible can save...

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A Guide To Software Usability Testing

5 minutes read

Trying to figure out how to improve a mobile app? Have you observed users actually using it? A great way to evaluate the effectiveness of a mobile app is to observe real people as they complete real tasks in realistic contexts or scenarios. This is called usability testing. With the information collected, app development teams can identify what improvements are needed and quickly implement solutions.

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Designing Apps for Multiple Devices

6 minutes read


Everything we interact with daily is becoming more and more connected with each other. Our interaction jumps from our phones to our cars, from our cars to our homes, our homes to our tablets, etc. We now expect our experience to be consistently usable and delightful across all our devices.

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