ChaiOne Insights: Roberto Moctezuma

Incorporating Lean Sigma into App Development

5 minutes read

Want to grow revenue by 80% or increase market share by 60%? Well, your organization might not get the exact same results, but it can realize some benefits if proper Lean Sigma practices are put in place. Some benefits of using Lean Sigma include increased customer loyalty, improved operational efficiency, and better return on investments. With such a great tool for process improvement, it’s a shame that not all organizations use it.

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Creating Smarter Apps: A New Platform for Contextual Applications

11 minutes read

Over the past four years, I have been fascinated at the speed at which the world has adopted mobile technologies. The advent of the App Store distribution model for software and media opened up new sources of revenue and dramatically accelerated what was already a fast adoption rate of smartphones. Today, estimates peg the global number of mobile users at 4.5 billion, roughly two-thirds of the world population.

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