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Personas in the User-Centered Design Process

6 minutes read


If you are involved in User-Centered Design (UCD) work, you need to know about personas. Personas are a means of summarizing an audience segment targeted by a product development effort as a fictional character. For example, if a team intends to launch a product for a specific group, the first step would be studying the group in detail, and the next step would be summarizing the data about the group in the form of a persona. Doing this helps teams determine product requirements, charts...

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User-Centered Design and Agile Lifecycles Create Better Usability

9 minutes read

Surveys are an effective way to gain insight needed for designing and delivering innovative technology. Broadly, surveys can be used for two reasons: 1) as a means of measurement and 2) as a means of discovery. Surveys can be used at any point in the agile and user-centered design lifecycles. Used at the early stages of the lifecycle, they are effective for benchmarking and discovering how users think about issues pertinent to the project. Used in the middle of the lifecycle, they are great for...

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