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Baby Stepping Your QA Team into Enterprise Mobility Security Testing

8 minutes read

Imagine having to pay a $218K HIPAA fine. That’s exactly how much a hospital in Massachusetts had to pay because of repeated security failures. St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center had put protected health information (PHI) of nearly 500 patients at risk by using a web-based document-sharing application to store this data without first adequately analyzing the app’s security risks. Not only did they not analyze the app’s security risks, but the hospital also had a lack of adequate security policies....

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Quality Assurance: Start Early On Enterprise Mobile App Testing

3 minutes read

Quality assurance (QA) is an integral aspect of building a successful mobile enterprise app. QA is something that should be brought early into the project process. Here at ChaiOne, we begin our QA process at design reviews. By beginning the process early, we are able to identify possible issues that may arise further down the line such as bottlenecks. Quality assurance also plays a large role in helping to reduce the costs associated with development and maintenance. An additional benefit of QA...

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Usability Testing During The Project Lifecycle

2 minutes read

Test Early

There are many benefits of usability testing as it allows teams to identify issues before they are coded. Some benefits include being able to learn how long it takes for participants to complete tasks and if they are successful or not, find out the satisfaction level of participants with your product, and identify changes needed in order to improve user performance and satisfaction. Furthermore, it’s important to note that performing usability testing as early as possible can save...

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