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Why Upstream Oil and Gas Mobile Technology Means Improved Productivity

6 minutes read

Imagine an oil and gas field worker using a mobile device to check production levels while working near a well. It’s not a common sight to see. However, it will become increasingly common as E&P companies continue to invest in mobile solutions in order to better manage their people and equipment and collect more accurate data. According to a survey by Oil & Gas IQ, 89% of people surveyed thought that mobile technology would revolutionize the operational environment. With increasing demands for...

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O&G + IIoT = >$ | Benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things in Oil and Gas

5 minutes read

Have you realized? We're living in a world with drones and sensors. The sound of this is like something out of a movie, but it's real. In fact, drones and sensors are changing the oil and gas industry. Some oil and gas companies are already looking into deployment options for drones. Why are oil and gas companies investing in drones and the Internet of Things? The rise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is allowing first-mover Oil and Gas (O&G) companies to dramatically increase...

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The Digital Plant: Key Opportunities for the Manufacturing Industry

7 minutes read


Digital plant. The fourth industrial revolution. Industry 4.0. Digital disruption. Mobile-driven revolution.

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