ChaiOne Insights: mobile research

Six Best Practices For Conducting User Interviews

10 minutes read


In software development, researchers collect data about end users' needs to make sure the resulting system facilitates the work they are trying accomplish. In order to do this, they can use interviews, which is a method of collecting qualitative data that teams can use to define system requirements that will produce game-changing results. The data from the interviews is then fed into the agile and user-centered design lifecycles as an input for creating the following artifacts: personas,...

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Key Performance Indicators for Internal Mobile Apps

4 minutes read

Apps aren’t just for games anymore. A growing number of enterprises are realizing the positive impact of implementing internal mobile applications to facilitate processes. According to Adobe, “more than two-thirds of executives report the number of end-users of their internal apps has grown over the past year; they see apps playing greater roles in facilitating sales, communication and training processes.” As the statistic implies, internal apps are becoming more important to the enterprise and...

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