ChaiOne Insights: mobile oil and gas apps

O&G + IIoT = >$ | Benefits of the Industrial Internet of Things in Oil and Gas

4 minutes read

Have you realized? We're living in a world with drones and sensors. The sound of this is like something out of a movie, but it's real. In fact, drones and sensors are changing the oil and gas industry. Some oil and gas companies are already looking into deployment options for drones. Why are oil and gas companies investing in drones and the Internet of Things? The rise of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is allowing first-mover Oil and Gas (O&G) companies to dramatically increase...

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What Oil and Gas Has Taught Us About UX and Mobile Solutions

7 minutes read

ChaiOne has done a bunch of work in the oil and gas industry. Our efforts stretch across customer service centers in Mexico, distributions facilities along the Gulf Coast, offshore oil rigs in the Pacific Ocean, and to frozen land rigs in northern Canada. Below is a short list of considerations for those that want to make mobile technology with great user experiences for oil and gas field workers. This is split across two parts: Part 1 is about the human considerations and Part 2 is about...

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