ChaiOne Insights: mobile maps

How Custom Mobile Maps Improve Your Users' Brand Experience

4 minutes read

There’s a proper time and place for standard maps, but the enterprise mobility space in 2017 is neither. There are few things more jarring than otherwise perfectly designed data overlaid on an undesigned map.

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Choosing the Right Mobile Map for Your Apps

3 minutes read

As a kid, I remember climbing in the car and going on long road trips with the family. One of my favorite things to do was to grab the map or atlas and try to figure out exactly where we were in the world. I also remember seeing Google Earth for the first time, and then giving up the map for MapQuest. Now, all of these technologies can be placed in the palm of your hand and have vastly improved over the past decade. Not only is mapping important to us as individual consumers, but it also plays...

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