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Why Your Team Needs a Standard Architecture

13 minutes read


This post will explain how implementing a Standard Architecture in ChaiOne's Engineering Department has helped us, and why you should implement a Standard Architecture for your own team.

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Why You Should Choose Xamarin As Your Cross-Platform Development Tool

5 minutes read

Over the years many businesses have invested heavily in using Microsoft throughout their organizations. Those with in-house development departments and custom software solutions more than likely chose to develop their software with a Microsoft language. Sharpening development skills can take years of dedication from the developer as well as a substantial investment from their employer. Many of these organizations realized that they could benefit from a native mobile solution beyond the...

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Dealing with Massive Data in Rails

4 minutes read


Rails is amazing. It has helped individuals and entrepreneurs build minimum viable products much faster. Here at ChaiOne, Rails is the default backend choice whether it is used as a whole website solution or just as the backend API server for the mobile apps we build. We love its elegant syntax and unparalleled development speed.

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Modern Asset Workflow for iOS Development

4 minutes read

Using PDF vector assets on iOS is not new. With an ever increasing number of iOS devices with varying pixel densities, there is no time like now to move to a resolution independent asset workflow.

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How to Get Mobile App Development Requirements Right— The First Time

9 minutes read

In 1961, Alan Shepard piloted the mission into space. When reporters questioned him later on what he thought about as he waited for liftoff, he famously replied, “That every part of the ship was built by the lowest bidder.”

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Quick Tips For Developing Mobile Apps

8 minutes read

Mobile app development is blooming and many software developers are transitioning either temporarily or permanently from different software fields. Thanks to matured platforms like Xcode and Android Studio, the experience of native mobile development nowadays does not differ much aside from the new language you need to learn. There are even hybrid application platforms like PhoneGap or Sencha Touch that allow web developers to code in familiar languages. However, there are always tips that are...

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