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Best Practices For User Experience Design

3 minutes read

The Importance of a User Centered Design

How do you feel when you use an Apple product? Most will say that they love using their iPhone, iPad, or whatever Apple device they have. Apple products are designed to be intuitive and create great experiences. According to the iOS 7 developer library, Apple’s latest operating system embodies a design with three themes: deference, clarity, and depth. These three themes focus on the user and helps us understand and interact with content. With all its...

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Why Every (Interaction) Designer Should Be A Writer

7 minutes read

Many people assume design is a type of art. Those people are wrong. Yet, the assumption is understandable when the products of our work tend to be largely visual. Communicating an idea visually is pretty abstract and requires practice in order to think in that way. It is the reason young designers are required to express their ideas with sketches. Most people are surprised then to open my design sketchbook and see more words than pictures.

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Designing Data Visualizations

4 minutes read

This post is part of a series on visualizing data.
More and more, data is becoming a part of our everyday lives. Buzzwords, like “big data” and “data visualization”, are gaining traction, and they will likely only grow in importance as we begin to gather more data on a daily basis.

The data that users are producing can be extremely useful and valuable if made to be more digestible. Commonly found with this kind of growth, static numbers or a simple rundown of statistics can fail to embody...

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