ChaiOne Insights: Mobile Apps

Benefits of a Mobile Field Service App

3 minutes read

In 2015, a whopping $8 billion was projected to be spent on oil and gas mobile apps along with $168 billion on enterprise mobile applications. According to an Oil & Gas IQ survey of CIOs, IT Directors, and project leaders in the oil and gas industry, the #2 priority for CIOs in 2013 is mobile technology. The emphasis on mobile technology will only grow as more people own smartphones, tablets, and wearable devices. In addition, 55% of CIOs believe that mobile technology will greatly enhance...

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How Mobile Fits Into Your Centralized IT Strategy

5 minutes read

Do you have a centralized IT strategy? If so, do you also have a mobile strategy? How does mobile fit into your overall centralized IT strategy? These are important questions to answer. According to PwC’s 18th Annual Global CEO Survey, 81% of CEOs see mobile technologies as strategically important for their organization. In addition, 86% say that a clear vision of how digital technologies can create competitive advantage is key to the success of their investments. It’s great that most CEOs...

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How Utilities Can Improve Customer Retention with a Mobile App

6 minutes read

16,000 percent.

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Hospitality Mobile Apps: Creating A Better User Experience

10 minutes read

There’s no doubt, mobile can improve how companies offer their services to customers. This is especially true for hospitality. The ease of a mobile device has great potential to improve the user experience around how your customer interacts with your services.

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The Evolution of Mobile

6 minutes read

We all know how the mobile phone has become an inevitable part of our daily life and changed the way we live. Today, how would you feel if you lost your phone suddenly? Won’t you feel isolated from the world for a moment just like Tom Hanks in the epic movie Cast Away?

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Go Mobile: Oil and Gas Apps

4 minutes read

Some organizations have already realized how mobile can change their processes while others are still trying to understand the benefits. Mobile has the power to impact many industries including the oil and gas industry. There are many benefits from mobile such as the ability to capture data directly from the oilfield, get real-time information, locate objects and important resources, and collaborate with other operators and engineers.

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