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5 Mobile Sales Enablement Analytics Reports You Should Be Dreaming Up

6 minutes read

With the rise of marketing automation, marketers have become data freaks. In a few short years, marketing managers went from measuring Nielsen ratings to scouring Facebook likes. Now, they are measuring detailed conversion rates at each sales funnel stage all the way to revenue attribution.

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Building Blocks of Good Graphs

11 minutes read


This post is part of a series on visualizing data.

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How To Measure Success From An Enterprise Mobile App

4 minutes read

Markets and Markets research projects that the BYOD and enterprise mobility markets will grow at 15% CAGR, reaching $181 billion by 2017. Enterprise mobility isn’t a cakewalk. It can be very difficult to implement a successful enterprise mobile app and even more difficult to measure the success. "As enterprise customers make greater investments into their mobile application platforms, companies feel growing pressure to justify the money being spent. It becomes more important, then, for both...

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Key Performance Indicators for Internal Mobile Apps

4 minutes read

Apps aren’t just for games anymore. A growing number of enterprises are realizing the positive impact of implementing internal mobile applications to facilitate processes. According to Adobe, “more than two-thirds of executives report the number of end-users of their internal apps has grown over the past year; they see apps playing greater roles in facilitating sales, communication and training processes.” As the statistic implies, internal apps are becoming more important to the enterprise and...

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A Guide to Mobile KPIs

10 minutes read

If you’re gearing up for the launch of your dream app and all set to make it big, then we wish you good luck. But wait—have you figured out how you would measure your app’s success? An obvious answer would be the number of downloads, right? You must be thinking that a good number of downloads can lead to huge success for your mobile app, and you can make all your dreams come true. Well, then you are all set to make it big this time, but not as a success story—instead as an example of a big...

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Essential Tools for Mobile Analytics

8 minutes read

According to a Gartner report, by 2017, mobile apps are expected to generate revenue of more than $77 billion and will be downloaded more than 268 billion times. Another report by Forrester Research predicts the mobile app market will be worth $38 billion by 2015. The figures are fascinating, aren’t they?

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