ChaiOne Insights: iOS

How Many Versions of iOS Should I Support?

2 minutes read


Each fall, Apple aficionados eagerly await what the next iOS version will offer today’s mobile market. This year iOS 7 broke through with innovative design and technology, and mobile users were left inquiring a future that is vastly different from the past. But now, more than ever, app owners are pondering how many iOS versions their app should support.

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Automating iOS Builds

5 minutes read

Continuous integration is a well-known practice amongst agile developers with numerous benefits that make it a must on a nearly any software development project. At ChaiONE, we have a Mac Mini that we use to house some internal apps, as well as drive a big flat screen TV that greets our guests.  Since building iPhone apps requires a Mac environment, this makes a perfect continuous integration server.

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3 Ways Field Service Apps Empower Your Mobile Workforce

4 minutes read

For many years, field services software and digital innovations were focused on work executed indoors, at a desk and in front of a monitor. Yet, a large percentage of the workforce that actively generates revenue for a company–operators, technicians, and inspectors –continues to rely on pen-and-paper, phones, or laptops. Mass adoption of smartphones and tablets in the public sector, as well as emerging technologies to support enterprise operations on these devices, provide numerous...

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Disaster Connect App Connects People With the Resources They Need

3 minutes read

Download Disaster Connect for iOS | Android

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Why Your Team Needs a Standard Architecture

13 minutes read


This post will explain how implementing a Standard Architecture in ChaiOne's Engineering Department has helped us, and why you should implement a Standard Architecture for your own team.

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Lessons Learned in Starting iOS Development

6 minutes read

When I first started developing for iOS, I often asked myself, "How can I quickly become an efficient iOS developer?" I did some research online and asked several engineers I met in school. Yet, I never received or found an answer I was satisfied with. Now I know this is a hard question to answer because each person has his or her own way of learning code.  However, I do believe there are some common ways for beginners to learn iOS development.

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Augmented Exercise: A Meetup Review

6 minutes read

Houston has a vibrant iOS community, complete with a large iOS Developers Meetup. Between work commitments and three kids, it's been very long time since I've been able to attend one, but I made an extra effort to make the July meetup. I was impressed with how large the crowd was. We filled the Apple Highland Village briefing room:

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Swift 4 JSONEncoder and JSONDecoder extensions

10 minutes read

As a digital innovation agency, ChaiOne is constantly finding ourselves on the bleeding edge of technology. Events such as WWDC become an agency-wide event in our offices. Developers from all different tech stacks can set time aside on their calendars to watch sessions and have discussions afterwards. This type of investment not only keeps ChaiOne up-to-date with what's new in the tech world, but helps the growth and development of its engineers.

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Virtual Houston

1 minute read

Houston is known for many things– we're the fourth largest city in the US, we've got the largest medical center in the world, NASA, the Energy Corridor. But one thing Houston is not known for is being a tech hub. That's about to change...

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