ChaiOne Insights: importance of user research

User Experience Research & User-Centered Design

16 minutes read

Investing in user experience (UX) by designing software through a user-centered design framework serves three primary functions:

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User Research is NOT Market Research

3 minutes read

The term “research” is not new to the business world, yet its meaning varies along a wide scale. In some companies, research is identified with genius engineers pushing technology capabilities in Research & Development departments. In other realms, interns proudly present their team leaders with research findings gathered from the numerous corners of the internet (thank you Google!).

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Why do I need user research? Answers To Internal Objections

9 minutes read

Successful products are ones that provide great user experiences (UX). Companies that focus on UX succeed and companies that don’t fail. The top 10 most successful companies in the S&P index invest heavily in engineering a successful UX, while the 10 least successful companies do not. Popular opinion is that UX is essential to success; however, when discussing with potential stakeholders all the efforts involved in creating a stellar UX, some are surprised by the amount and type of work that...

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