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Retailers: Your Customers Rely On Mobile, Yet Your Apps Suck

4 minutes read

Today’s customers are multitaskers. They may be physically present in your store, but they are also fully immersed in their mobile worlds. Mobile has become an important accessory to our purchase processes. The ability to access valuable purchase information on-the-go has made us incredibly thoughtful customers. Before even placing a foot into your store, chances are we have done some online research, read some product reviews, searched inventory and maybe even honed in on a couple items we...

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Beacon Bits: A developer tool to explore the power of iBeacons

3 minutes read

iBeacon technology was first introduced to the public by Apple at WWDC 2013; the goal: to enable a new level of location applications made possible with Bluetooth LE technologies introduced back in 2010. These new, low-power devices would allow manufacturers to create beacons, devices that could advertise themselves with a unique set of identifiers and could run off a typical coin cell battery for 6 months or more. With this technology and Apple-developed algorithms, an iOS device would be able...

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Creating Smarter Apps: A New Platform for Contextual Applications

11 minutes read

Over the past four years, I have been fascinated at the speed at which the world has adopted mobile technologies. The advent of the App Store distribution model for software and media opened up new sources of revenue and dramatically accelerated what was already a fast adoption rate of smartphones. Today, estimates peg the global number of mobile users at 4.5 billion, roughly two-thirds of the world population.

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How iBeacons Work Beyond Retail

5 minutes read

In an earlier blog post, I wrote about how iBeacons could be implemented in the retail industry. Even though iBeacons work well in the retail environment, the technology can be applied to other areas such as conferences, hotels, the automotive industry, and restaurants. iBeacons can even be used for logistics such as storing products in warehouses. For example, you could put iBeacons throughout your warehouse in order to monitor and track inventory. This can help you control inventory levels...

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