ChaiOne Insights: developer

5 Ways to Increase the Performance of Your RSpec Tests

8 minutes read


At ChaiOne, we highly encourage that developers write tests in their projects. TDD (Test Driven Development) is also encouraged. Testing (and TDD) prevents bugs in production, forces better code, and encourages developer confidence when making changes to existing code bases.

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ChaiOne Employee Spotlight: Joe Southern

6 minutes read

Joe Southern

Manager of Engineering at ChaiOne

This month’s ChaiOne Employee Spotlight is on Joe Southern, a Manager of Engineering at ChaiOne. As a Manager of Engineering, Joe is responsible for managing a team of application or front end/back end engineers that are responsible for the organization's development projects. He works collaboratively across the organization, assigns and allocates team resources, and sets the delivery schedule to meet client requirements. He provides technical...

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Modeling a Tree of Data in Rails

4 minutes read


When writing web applications, the abstractions you use to model the data are very important. Most of the time a simple relational table structure will do the job you need without much of a problem but, there are times where you have to do certain programming tasks that need to relate to rows in its own table. The most common example of this type of problem is a threaded discussion, where you need to know all the children of a node or the parent of any particular node. Luckily, this is a...

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